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Controlling the Costs of Building an Inground Pool

It’s probably obvious that building a swimming pool is not a cheap endeavor. From building permits to construction expenses to regular maintenance, there are many costs for homeowners to keep in mind when evaluating the expense of adding a swimming pool to their yard.

According to an article on, there are a variety of cost considerations that accompany a pool construction project, and some of these factors are non-negotiable. For example, you may not be able to control the cost of a building permit or how much your homeowner’s insurance may change once the pool is complete. However, there are still some areas that can help you to have some control over the amount of the final bill.

Daniel Bortz’s article from, “Swimming Pool Prices: Know How Much Before You Dive In,” lists a bunch of potential swimming pool expenses that are labelled as “extras.” These can include add-ons, such as diving boards, fancy lighting for evening lounging, or the addition of a spa. While they are nice-to-have features for any swimming pool, they are not mandatory, and can add to the grand total of your construction bill.

Installing a saltwater pool versus a pool that uses chlorine can also help to save on expenses. Chlorine pools require a lot of maintenance, which costs homeowners more than the cash in their wallets—it also costs them in time, as chlorine systems need to be monitored regularly.

Additionally, even small factors, such as the size or materials used to build the pool will impact the cost of pool construction.

While there are some pool construction costs that may be out of your control, remember that as the homeowner, you have the ability to set the parameters regarding what you want to spend. Keeping the above in mind, it is possible to help influence the final costs of building an inground pool in your yard.


A State-Inspired Pool Design

An inground saltwater pool in Texas proves there really are no limits when it comes to selecting a design for your pool.

The public Texas Pool, which opened last weekend for its 55th season, according to, was designed to look like its home state. The south end of the pool features a wading area, the west corner has stairs for easy entry, and the northern edge contains a diving board. Shift your eyes to the middle of the pool, and you may notice an island.

At 168,000 gallons, this particular pool has handfuls of features to offer visiting swimmers, and demonstrates how a pool can really take any shape a pool owner desires (assuming the property has the space to accommodate it).

Through various blog posts, Sunset Pools and Spas has tried to provide examples of how the sky is the limit when it comes to dreaming up a creative pool design. Deciding on a pool design that fits your budget is one of the first steps to creating a complete pool landscape, so it’s important to nail down the design details early on in the process.

For those who aren’t sure what they want in a pool design—or at least for those who know they don’t want a pool as bold as the Texas Pool—there is always the option of creating a freeform pool. These pools don’t necessarily have any particular shape, but still provide a luxurious and creative result. For examples of some of our freeform pool designs, click here.


It finally happened. The temperature in Chicago and the surrounding areas dropped to single digits this week.

Given the frigid air we experienced, I doubt you’re thinking about the next time you have to mow your lawn or trim the bushes in your yard. But it can’t hurt to close your eyes, think ahead and imagine a warmer, greener time of year—right?

Look no further for daydream inspiration than to one of our recent client projects, pictured here.

This backyard is more than just a beautiful picture that can temporarily make us forget the frosty temps; it also demonstrates how tiny hints of nature can enhance an entire poolscape.

Natural Rock

The natural bluestone squares surrounding this pool are a symmetrical and elegant addition to the yard. However, these steps have a practical use as well, as they are slip resistant. This type of enhancement is not only visually appealing, but it adds an extra element of safety around the outside of the pool where kids are prone to running and where it tends to get slick from splashing water.

Grass and Greenery

The neighborhood where this home rests is full of greenery. The grass surrounding the pool helps to bring out the other trees, bushes and grass in the area, and makes the entire picture look like one cohesive landscape.

Hints of Natural Water

And of course, we can’t forget about the pool. The inside of this particularly grand pool—which is 50 feet long and 20 feet wide—was designed with a black interior so the water would match the color of the housing development’s lake. This detail invites more of the natural beauty from the surrounding area into the backyard.

Overall, this poolscape is a beautiful reflection of the nature surrounding it, and hopefully provides some inspiration as we daydream about the warmer and greener months ahead.