Sunset Pools and Spas

Imagine that it’s summer. It’s hot outside. The kids are antsy. They want to go swimming.

Especially in the unbearable heat, the idea of driving to the public pool, dealing with the massive crowds, and keeping track of your kids is not appealing. This is the moment when you wish you had your own private pool in your own backyard.

Having a private pool can be a true luxury, especially when you have kids that are always on the move and looking for something to do. However, having a private pool also comes with a lot of responsibility, which is why designing a pool that is safe for your kids is also important.

Consider a pool like the one pictured here. It provides a good example of a pool that was built with young children in mind. It was built with an automatic pool cover that homeowners can close when the pool is not in use. Additionally, a gate encloses the entire poolscape, providing an additional barrier between the water and the kids (or other guests who may not know how to swim).

Childproofing your pool is probably the most important step you can take when installing a pool in your yard. While there are several ways to go about this including teaching your child how to swim and installing an alarm system in the pool building the pool with child safety mechanisms already in place will help to provide an additional element of comfort and security during those times when the pool is not in use.

Determining the shape and size of your pool is one of the first steps to building one. However, with all of the options and accessories that are available for a poolscape, finding the right inspiration may not always be easy.

If you’re in the beginning phases of dreaming up future plans for your yard and your pool, here is some inspiration from Sunset Pools and Spas that can hopefully get you started.

The poolscape featured here showcases a classic design that is built for entertaining. The pool itself is large enough to hold a decent number of swimmers, and the spacious entryway steps lined in tile offer a secondary purpose for those who prefer to lounge in the water rather than swim.

The owners of this pool have also factored in a variety of poolside seating—from lounge chairs to upright seating areas and a canopy daybed—to accommodate a whole slew of family members or other guests. Maximum seating options allow the host to include everyone in the outdoor action, especially if there are guests who don’t prefer to get in the pool (or even sit in the sun), but who still want to socialize outside.

The outdoor kitchen is another main attraction of this yard and boasts plenty of counter space for cooking and entertaining. Outdoor living areas, such as kitchens, are a great way to make your poolscape more than about the pool. They can provide the missing element to any pool party; guarantee to keep all the party food and related mess outside of your house; and also extend the life of your backyard when it’s too cold to swim, but still warm enough to enjoy a weekend barbeque.

Overall, this backyard is perfect for entertaining, as it offers options for those who prefer to swim, wade, sunbathe, cook, or just hang out.

In an area like Chicago, its surrounding suburbs or other parts of the Midwest, an indoor swimming pool can be a blessing in disguise.

Even when the temperature takes a nosedive, an indoor pool can provide swimmers with a year-round escape.

Thanks to community facilities, such as gyms and park districts and indoor swimming schools, there are places for swimmers to find local solace during the bitter cold times of year when outdoor pools are just not an option. However, for those who have the means to create their own personal escape, there is also the option of building an indoor swimming pool in the privacy of their own homes.

An indoor pool or spa can still be as luxurious as an outdoor pool or spa, but with the added bonus of being able to use it any time of year. An article in the Houston Chronicle shows us just that, featuring homes with private indoor swimming spaces that don’t lack in design or amenities. Even though these pools are inside, the pictures showcase how a spa, a pool with a rock waterfall, a diving board, and even poolside seating or living area can fit into an indoor poolscape. One home even boasts a pool encased in a glass room to give the allusion of swimming outside.

These images provide great examples of how it’s still possible to dream up a swimmer’s paradise that can provide an escape and a place to swim any time of year—even in Chicago!