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Lapping in Luxury: A One-of-a-Kind Indoor Pool

A new concept for an indoor swimming pool will literally leave a future homeowner lapping in luxury.

The concept: a swimming pool that takes up the entire second floor of a three-story house. The owner: well, that is still to be determined.

According to a November article published in Forbes, there is a $2 million price tag attached to building such a house, which has been named Villa Clessidra. At the time the article was written, it didn’t appear there was a particular investor attached to the project designed by a Netherlands-based architect—the original client who had been interested in building a “groundbreaking residence,” backed out, the article said.

“With the swimming pool strategically placed at the center of the house, where part of it could be seen through a transparent zone, the house feels very much like a human aquarium when anyone swims in it,” the article said. The pool will even be visible through the floor of the master bedroom, providing a view from above.

It’s always fun to highlight elite projects such as this, because they demonstrate how—within reason, budget and the rules of physics—designing your dream pool does not have to come with boundaries. Sometimes a little imagination and the right design team can do the trick.


Imagine that it’s summer. It’s hot outside. The kids are antsy. They want to go swimming.

Especially in the unbearable heat, the idea of driving to the public pool, dealing with the massive crowds, and keeping track of your kids is not appealing. This is the moment when you wish you had your own private pool in your own backyard.

Having a private pool can be a true luxury, especially when you have kids that are always on the move and looking for something to do. However, having a private pool also comes with a lot of responsibility, which is why designing a pool that is safe for your kids is also important.

Consider a pool like the one pictured here. It provides a good example of a pool that was built with young children in mind. It was built with an automatic pool cover that homeowners can close when the pool is not in use. Additionally, a gate encloses the entire poolscape, providing an additional barrier between the water and the kids (or other guests who may not know how to swim).

Childproofing your pool is probably the most important step you can take when installing a pool in your yard. While there are several ways to go about this including teaching your child how to swim and installing an alarm system in the pool building the pool with child safety mechanisms already in place will help to provide an additional element of comfort and security during those times when the pool is not in use.

The pool design featured here, a recent project of ours, is a prime example of how the right finishing touches can turn a simple pool and spa into a luxurious—yet still practical—getaway for night or day.

This pool features more than just a standard place to swim. For example, the overflow of water from the stone spa into the pool is not only visually appealing, but effective, as well. While the sound and design of the waterfall provides an extra element of relaxation, the water from the spa helps to heat the pool as it spills over the spa steps. Enhancements like these can take a simple spa add-on and transform them into an upgrade for your yard.

Additionally, with the help of the underwater lighting, this pool provides a relaxing and glamorous vision for any time of day or night, while simultaneously enhancing safety for those who like to swim or lounge after dark.

However, not all pool accessories need to have a practical attribute. Sometimes it’s ok to add some flair for the fun of it. The shooting jets of water provide just that. While it can be fun to swim underneath them or for kids to create a game around them, they can also be there just to enhance the look and feel of your pool.

As demonstrated here, the smallest design details can determine the entire ambiance of a pool. Even simple finishing touches, such as lighting or accessories, can transform any pool into a spot for entertaining, family or luxury.