Chicago Pool Deck & Patio Design Ideas

The right style of patio reflects your own personality, design aesthetic, and the way you socialize.

An experienced pool and patio contractor can help you realize your vision for your backyard

Some poolscapes bring colorful, fragrant nature right to the edge of the water. Others create a spa-like experience with tranquil waterfalls and luxurious pergolas offering shade to sunbathers. Sunset Pools and Spas stands out above other Chicago patio contractors due to their years of experience and keen eye for detail. They will expertly guide you through the planning process and create the poolscape of your dreams. Not sure where to start? Read on to learn about four ways to personalize your backyard pool and patio.

Play with Color and Texture

Even a simple pool can excel if the deck or patio around it combines natural materials with color and texture. One modern idea is to lay down brick pavers in complementary colors. Stripes add drama to a sleek, classical landscaping aesthetic. Warm toned stamped concrete creates an Old World Italian feel. Rich wooden decking overlapping natural stone is timeless Rustic Chic.

Transform Your Backyard

Lawn, trees, and garden elements can enhance your poolside experience. For small backyards, choose a pool that’s proportionate to the space. Larger plants or bushes should stay near the fence to open up the space. Spacious yards may be a good candidate for an ambitious garden with sprays of colorful blooms within arm’s reach of the water. Butterfly-attracting bushes grace the space, and strategically planted trees throw shade over the pool in the hottest part of the day.

Poolside: the Perfect Party Space

A welcoming poolside creates a space that your family and friends will love to celebrate in. There are a wide variety of options, depending on budget and the amount space available. An expanded pool deck allows you to set out a fire pit, clusters of seating, and timeless elements such as a chess table. A covered pool-adjacent patio, pergola, or arbor with trailing vines offers shelter from summer storms and shade on the hottest part of the day.

Homes built on a hill have a unique opportunity to create a multi-level pool. In these unique structures, a small wading pool or one with bubblers connects via a cascade to a larger one. Another option is to have an elevated pool integrated with the upper deck, allowing guests to take in unforgettable views while lounging in the water.

Add Personality With Creative Water Features

Don’t forget about your pool itself, the star of the show. Your pool can be tiled in elegant mosaic patterns or the concrete can be given a very modern ombre tint. Pool lights are another popular choice. Stick to one or two complementary colors for gentle nighttime elegance, or add a splash of playful contrasting lights to draw the eye to your favorite water elements. The water itself can be livened up with a variety of features such as a fountain, a waterfall feature bubbling over rocks into the pool, or jets. Some jets are even timed to play across the pool’s surface in patterns.