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Comparing and Contrasting Pool Finishes

Deciding to get a pool is the easy part. Nobody has much trouble determining whether or not they’d like a cool reservoir in their own backyard to help chill out in the midst of the sweltering summer months, but trying to decide what material to use as the finish for that pool is a much tougher consideration. Pool finishes greatly influence the look and feel of a swimming pool, which is what makes choosing the right one such an important decision.

There are four basic surfaces from which to choose: plaster, pebble, quartz, and tile, and each of them comes with their own series of pros and cons.


Perhaps the most common pool surface chosen by customers here at Sunset Pools & Spas is plaster, as it has been used in pools dating back almost 60 years. Part of what makes it so desirable for pool owners is its relative affordability, as it is one of the least expensive finishes customers can choose. Beyond the cost, however, is its durability and clean aesthetic. Since a white plaster pool is so stark in appearance, the water within appears as a crisp, light blue. They are great for pool owners with small children at home and usually last for somewhere between five and ten years.


Another of the more popular interior finishes is the pebble finish, which lines a pool or spa with specially-formulated cement that contains small pebbles and stones in a variety of colors to give the pool a more dynamic appearance. These stones can be selected to match an existing deck or patio, but the texture is a bit rougher, meaning it might not be the most ideal finish for a pool that small children use frequently. They look great and are durable, with many pebble finishes lasting as long as 20 years.


A quartz pool finish combines a quartz aggregate with a polymer-modified cement, which is a combination that holds up nicely to the persistent harshness of pool chemicals. Because a quartz finish is not porous, these finishes do not easily stain, and they offer a nice compromise between plaster and pebbles finishes, as they are more durable than plaster but offer more color choices. These finishes tend to last somewhere between seven and 12 years.


Tile finishes typically are made from porcelain, stone or glass and can be glazed, textured, or hand-painted for aesthetics. They are far and away the longest-lasting and easiest to clean of all the finishes (especially around the water line), but tile also is the most expensive. For those that want unlimited variety in terms of color and design, however, the possibilities are essentially limitless with tile.

Whether you’re choosing an affordable white plaster pool or something with much more intricate tile designs, Sunset Pools & Spas can help you get the pool you want and need to make the most of your summer swimming plans.


Swimming Pool Design Trends for 2018

As long as the water is cool in the summertime, most people would be perfectly content to swim in just about any type of basin, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some innovative things happening in the world of pool design in 2018. In fact, here at Sunset Pools & Spas, we have seen some updates to inground pools that both look great and add a lot in terms of convenience and functionality.

If it’s time to upgrade your existing pool, you might want to consider some of these swimming pool design trends:

Infinity Edges

Also known as “wet-edge pools,” this type of pool is great for people with scenic views they would like to enhance with a pool that seems to run on forever. Rather than a hard edge, these infinity edges make it appear as though the water at the end of your pool is falling off a ledge into the great beyond. It enhances vistas and creates a really neat effect, even in small pools.

Tanning Ledges

One of the nice things about owning a pool is being able to have somewhere to tan comfortably, and new tanning ledges build in an area to the side of the pool that allows pool users to sit on a flat surface in a couple inches of water. They can stay cool while getting all the sun they desire.

Fire Features

While fire pits are a fantastic standalone option in the context of backyard landscaping, adding some fire features along the edges of your pool can provide a stark contrast between two of these essential elements. Plus, those embedded fire pits can look really neat at night.

LED Lighting

Adding some LED lighting accents also look really cool at night, and they aren’t difficult to install, even on existing pools. They come in a number of colors and even can be set up in a way where those colors can change and fade into one another through smartphone control. It’s amazing what a few splashes of light can do for the aesthetics of a pool.

Smart Pools

New pools allow homeowners to do everything from their phones, and changing the colors of LED lights is only part of what smart pools can do. They also can control temperature, waterfalls, and music. Everything is controlled by smartphones these days; your pool may as well be, too.

If you would like any information on these exciting new pool trends, give us a call or stop by Sunset Pools & Spas any time and we can show you how to integrate these new features into existing pool settings or how we can build you the perfect pool from scratch. Not all pools are created equal, and adding some of these exciting features can help your pool stand out this summer!

Five Best Pool Workouts You Can Do in Your Backyard

For most people, buying a new swimming pool is the result of a desire to add some much-needed leisure to their lives, but here at Sunset Pools & Spas, we often tell our customers that pools aren’t just for laying back and relaxing outside under the glow of the sun. They also can be terrific home exercise tools, helping pool owners to burn fat, stay toned, and lose weight through the practice of some really simple pool exercises.

The following are five of our favorite easy pool exercises, all of which are possible in the comfort of your very own backyard:

Water Running (or Walking)

If you ever have tried to walk or run laps around your pool, you know how much resistance the water can provide. This is a high-intensity cardio workout when done correctly, but it’s also low-impact because it takes all of the weight off of your knees, hips, and ankles. Some people call this “aqua jogging,” but the idea is the same. You can burn a lot of calories in your pool with this water workout just by walking or jogging in your pool.

Bicycle Kicks

There are a couple of ways to do bicycle kick exercises in the pool. The first involves resting your arms on the side of the pool behind you and using your legs to keep your body afloat through circular kicks in the motion of riding a bicycle. You also can turn a pool noodle into a crucial piece of pool exercise equipment by straddling the noodle, arms to your side, and bicycle kicking that way

Core Toners

If you want to work on your leg and core muscles, consider this exercise, which has you place your back flat against the pool wall, your arms extended backwards holding the edge of the pool. Then, you lift your straight legs in front of you, open them into a “V” and close them again. Repeat this as many times as your legs will allow, but try to complete them in sets of 20. Your legs and abs will thank you!

Water Crunches

Another great ab exercise is the pool equivalent of a sit-up. Drape your knees over the edge of the pool as you float on your back in the water, then try to pull your upper body as far out of the water as you can. Give yourself extra resistance by lowering yourself slowly back into the water. Repeat these in sets of 20, as well.

Swim Laps

Depending on the size of your pool, just swimming continuously for any period of time will burn calories, get your heart rate up, and really work the muscles in your arms. It won’t take long for this simple workout to wear you down, but if you’ve got that pool in your backyard, why not use it to tone up a little bit this summer? Swimming laps is one of the easiest ways to do that.

Here at Sunset Pools & Spas, we can help you get the pool of your dreams, not just for soaking in the sun but for staying fit. These swimming pool exercises can help a lot with that and hopefully keep you happy, healthy, and feeling great all summer long!