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Year-Round Benefits with a Backyard Fire Pit

As a chill in the winter air pushes everyone inside, your family is bound to eventually suffer from increased screen time and stuffy air circulation. This lack of outdoor activity keeps you from reaping fresh air perks to your health, community, and family. Backyard fireplace owners have the opportunity to spend more time outside throughout the seasons, enabling these three year-round benefits.

  1. Research shows that fresh air has a positive impact on your lungs, digestion, blood pressure, energy and immune system. An outdoor fireplace increases your exposure to these fresh air advantages. Instead of watching television or sitting on the couch, gather around the warmth of a backyard fire pit for improved quality of health.
  2. Friends and neighbors love coming together around an outdoor fire pit, which can foster an increased sense of community and connection. You don’t have to clean the entire house to invite a group over for backyard coffee, drinks, tapas and catching up. Be that “one” with the magnetic backyard for gathering at any time of day or year with a welcoming outdoor fireplace.
  3. We all know quality family time is important, but in the colder months it can be difficult to find a captivating attraction for all ages to disconnect from their screens and connect with each other. A backyard fire pit is a family evening of s’mores, stars and face-to-face stories. Cherished memories and family interaction make this outdoor activity an easy decision for family gatherings of all ages, sizes and times of year.

Don’t let the colder months push you inside and keep you from these invaluable benefits to your health, community and family.

Right now is the perfect time to start building your outdoor fire pit or fireplace. Sunset Pools and Spas offer custom designs from top backyard specialists with over a decade of experience. Interested in year-round outdoor accessibility that matches your vision and style? Contact us to request a quote and start building your backyard fire pit today.

4 Fun Pool Accessories To Make Your Next Party Unforgettable

Summer may be over, but when the weather heats up again, you're going to seek refuge in the deliciously cool waters of your pool.

Do you often host pool parties? If so, why not make your pool the hottest place in the summer? You're already the envy of all your neighbors since you own an in-ground pool. Why not issue a party invitation and impress everyone with some exciting pool additions?

Below are some fun pool accessories you should consider when planning your upcoming pool party.

Wireless Floating Pool Speaker

No party is complete without an epic party playlist. You may want to kick it up a notch with some vocal house dance jams! For good acoustics, we suggest using an IPX8 floating pool speaker, like the Mindkoo Portable Wireless Speaker. The "IPX8" specification means that your pool speaker can tolerate continuous water submersion (if used according to manufacturer guidelines).

Floating Ball Lights

Twinkling lights aren't just for the holidays! Light up your pool party for maximum ambiance with either floating ball lights or underwater show lights. Ball lights of different sizes, colors, and lighting modes can add interest to the pool area. Meanwhile, waterproof show lights provide a multi-colored disco effect. You can also add string LED lights and fiber optic lights for a more festive atmosphere.

Floating Pool Furniture

For added fun, you may want to include inflatables in the water. Undoubtedly, you're already familiar with floating ducks, swans, and flamingos. However, a wide variety of loungers makes it easier for both children and adults to stay in the pool. Make sure everyone has a seat with bubble chairs, single and double loungers, or even a whole inflatable couch! 

Inflatable Ball Nets

Play volleyball or basketball in the pool. Nobody will be able to tell if you're sweating! Installing a net across your pool can add a whole new dimension of fun to your party. Add some colorful beach balls to the mix, and you're ready for the fun times to roll.

Regardless of your choices, summer's almost here. Are you ready? At Sunset Pools & Spas Commercial, we specialize in pool construction and renovations. However, we can also help you design and maintain your investment for years to come. Contact us today for expert resources and help.

How to Save Money on Your Pool

With Chicagoland’s temperatures heating up, we’re entering peak pool season.

Whether you’re considering building a new pool or simply maintaining your existing oasis, saving money is (almost) as refreshing as a swim.

Explore how to take a dip in your pool without dipping into too much of your savings with these tips:



Building your pool will be the biggest upfront investment, but savvy homeowners can find ways to save.

1) Size it right

You don’t need a huge pool to experience its benefits, especially if the most frequent users will also be small in size (children). The larger the pool means the larger the cost—not only for construction but also for pumps, filters, chemicals, and energy used—so be realistic when choosing dimensions. A 20-foot pool can bring plenty of joy.

2) Start with a baseline

Enjoy your starter pool now and then add more features in the future. Pools are a great modular home improvement project. Skipping on the bells and whistles like water features, spas, slides and color-changing lights will save deep on costs, and you can always add them later.

3) Choose simple materials

Keep your tiles and finishes practical rather than exotic. Fiberglass pools are also an affordable and sturdy alternative to the popular but expensive Gunite foundation.

4) Hold off on seasonal needs

You likely won’t need a heater or a pool cover until summer is over. Defer those costs until necessary.

5) Research your options

Do your homework and get quotes from at least three experienced contractors. Verify quality of past work, reviews and references, and insurance and warranty.



You can keep ongoing costs low by being smart about pool maintenance.

6. Skim and scrub

Build-up can not only ruin a pristine dip but also damage a pool’s long-term health. Skim leaves and other debris off the surface daily for those obvious nuisances. Less obvious is your pool walls and tiles. Scrub those clean every other week to prevent algae build-up, which can threaten your pool’s filtration system and pH balance. If your filtration system is working harder on algae and other contamination, it will also increase your energy costs.

7. Pay attention to your filters

Your filters are like your pool’s kidneys. Keeping your filter system clean is essential to maintaining a healthy pool, but be careful to find the right balance between cleaning and overcleaning (which actually decreases filter efficiency). Clean out your filter basket at least once a week, and clean out the filter system pipes once a month.

8. Try hacks with household items

Some items you already have in your house may actually be hidden tools for your pool maintenance. A tennis ball is a fun pool toy for playing catch, but the ball’s fibers can also help absorb oils left behind from swimmers. Experiencing alkalinity issues? Regular baking soda is an effective version of the sodium bicarbonate recommended specifically for pools.

9. Use a pool cover during colder months

Pool covers are a simple investment and easy step. Covers reduce evaporation, which keeps your pool naturally warmer and limits heater needs. For more energy savings, consider a solar pool cover that harnesses the sun’s rays for your pool warmth.

10. Avoid glass by the pool

Beverages are a perfect pool accessory, but stay away from any poolside glass vessels. Broken glass in the pool will require you to do serious vacuuming or even completely drain and refill the pool.