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Swimming pool with fountain on a sunny summer day

Pool Care Advice For New Swimming Pool Owners

Congratulations on joining the pool owners club! You’ve worked hard to add this new, exciting feature to your backyard and are looking forward to the memories you and your family will make in the summers to come. Following your purchase, we recommend learning the basic components of a swimming pooland... Read more

A turquoise and Blueish pool in a backyard patio.

Swimming Pool Trends for 2021

During the pandemic, families were spending much more time at home and seeking different ways to relax and stay entertained. Consequently, the industry saw a sharp increase in commercial and custom pool sales. In 2020—according to Statista—the swimming pool market experienced a 1.4% growth increase from the previous year, reaching... Read more

backyard kitchen design tips

Tips for Designing the Best Outdoor Kitchen

In addition to your outdoor pool, there are many ways to further develop your backyard outdoor experience. One way, in particular, is designing an outdoor kitchen to barbecue, store drinks, frozen foods, or anything else you may want to snack on while swimming. Here are a few tips to help... Read more

Lit up backyard pool with a fountain at dusk

Creative Custom Backyard Oasis Ideas

Have you ever gone on vacation only to come home wishing you could live in that paradise dream world forever? You can actually make that wish come true and you don't even need a genie to make it happen. Bring the vacation home with you and create your own patch... Read more

Backyard pergola and fireplace

Year-Round Benefits with a Backyard Fire Pit

As a chill in the winter air pushes everyone inside, your family is bound to eventually suffer from increased screen time and stuffy air circulation. This lack of outdoor activity keeps you from reaping fresh air perks to your health, community, and family. Backyard fireplace owners have the opportunity to... Read more