Does In-Ground Pool Structural Renovation Make Sense?

Winter is over, the sun is shining, the birds are chirping and it's time to start planning out your pool opening.

Should you install a new in-ground pool or commission a professional to perform structural renovations to your existing installation?

Whether you’re dealing with your longtime home’s in-ground pool or one that was left at your new home by the previous owners, a full maintenance check is in order each and every year. What happens if the check comes back and severe structural damage has taken place? That’s the question a lot of pool owners have to deal with at least once in their lifetime, which is why we’re here to help.

Read on for the pros and cons of performing a full in-ground pool replacement and repairing structural damage to the existing pool.

New In-Ground Pool Installation

Pro: Full Customizability

  • If you’re going to go ahead and get a brand new in-groundpool added to your backyard, you’ll have the freedom of choosing exactly what you want.
  • Whether you want a tropical oasis or a kids paradise, you’ll have the freedom to choose exactly what your pool will look and feel like.
  • You’ll also have that assured feeling of having a brand new pool that may not have any hidden issues that could pop up years down the line.

Con: Cost

  • There are a lot of factors that go into the exact price that it will cost to re-install a new in-ground pool, including size, materials, accessories and labor.
  • On average, each square foot of pool costs about $50. This price will go up even more if the pool is a custom shape.
  • If you go with a gunite pool (cement), it’ll be much more expensive than a vinyl or fiberglass pool.
  • As for depth, the deeper the pool, the more you’ll be spending on labor costs and materials.

Structural Renovation of your In-Ground Pool

Pro: Cost

  • By choosing to go with a structural renovation, you’ll basically have the chance to get the pool you want for a much lower price than going through a total installation.
  • On average, renovation projects save homeowners thousands of dollars which can be used for other expenditures and upgrades around the yard or home.
  • The savings and total cost rely on multiple factors, but thanks to the ability to use synthetic or faux materials for aesthetic looks, savings are very possible.

Con: Labor

  • Structural renovation can be labor intensive and extremely difficult because the work is being done on an existing structure, which means the workers will have to make sure all remaining parts are either able to be saved or need to be replaced.
  • If one part of the project fails, they may have to go all the way back to stage one. That could cost you more time and money.

This is where hiring experienced professionals comes into play. If you hire the right contractors, they’ll not only do a quality job and get it done in a timely matter, but they’ll also be able to help you find cost savings.

So, if you’re thinking of going through a full in-ground pool installation or structural renovation, contact us now at Sunset Pools and Spas. We’ll be happy to lend a hand.