Automated Swimming Pool Cleaners

Summer Is Here Again, and It's Time to Maximize Your Swimming Pool Enjoyment!

Maximize your swimming pool enjoyment and performance with accessories like a robotic pool cleaner or swimming pool vacuum which can regularly skim and sweep your pool for debris. If not dealt with, debris such as bugs, loose refuse, yard waste and algae will clog filters and alter the pH balance of your swimming pool. You definitely want to get a jump on the impurities that collect in pools by having regular vacuum cleanings of it, so that when you or your loved ones dive in, they are not splashing around in water that’s not properly pH balanced, or is polluted due to an overabundance of algae growth and bacteria.

Types of Swimming Pool Cleaners

There is a wide variety to choose from when looking for the right swimming pool cleaner to regularly clean your pool. Sunset Pools and Spas features cleaners that utilize the latest technology in being able to isolate and eliminate dirt and other debris. Our line of swimming pool cleaners includes:

  • The In-Floor cleaner, or Cyclean system complete debris containment system
  • Pressure side pool cleaners for portable cleaning power
  • The Pentair Kreepy Krauly Platinum with dual-thrust jets
  • The Polaris 480 PRO featuring 4 powerful vacuum jets

Pool Maintenance Automation is Key to Pool Satisfaction

No matter what type of swimming pool vacuum cleaner, whether robotic, pressure side, or in-floor cleaning system, you get ultimate suction and debris elimination power with accessories built with patented, proven cleaning technology. The robotic pool cleaner types feature such attributes as larger intake channel for picking up oversized debris such as leaves; 4-wheel tipping control, and more power jets for better suction and vacuum power. The Polaris 480 PRO comes with all that and a zippered bag for all-purpose debris storage, extra scrubbers, as well as an in-line filtering screen for better efficiency.

Whatever model you choose to do your swimming pool’s regular cleaning and debris maintenance, Sunset Pools and Spas has the right robotic pool cleaner or dynamic swimming pool vacuum for your requirements. It’s best to regularly maintenance your pools with the best debris-control technology on the market, which saves you money long-term. We aim for absolute satisfaction guaranteed on all of our swimming pool vacuum cleaners, no matter what level of debris control you need. Sand, dirt, leaves and other yard waste accumulates in and sinks to the bottom of pools, clogging drains and filters, reducing your pool’s performance and enjoyability. Getting a robotic pool cleaner is a good way to leave the job to an automatic swimming pool vacuum and off of your own to-do list!

Call the Experts and Get the Best

Be sure to contact an expert in automated pool maintenance at Sunset Pools and Spas today, and get more info, a free estimate on what a robotic pool cleaner/swimming pool vacuum system will cost, and how short a time we can have one installed for you!