Pool Water Treatment

Properly treating your swimming pool water is important to the health of your swimmers and the environment

We utilize the latest technology in water sanitation

You don’t have to overload your pool with chemicals to provide a safe swimming environment. With all the new available technology, there are many ways to make your pool less chemically dependent – one of them being with an automatic water sanitizer. Here are the two most common water sanitizers that we use at Sunset Pools & Spas:

Automatic erosion chemical feeder

This is the most basic sanitizer. It is a vessel that connects directly into your filtration system and has an adjustable dial for setting the correct sanitizer dosage. These vessels are usually filled with chlorine tablets, but can be used with bromine, as well.

Two important tips for using an automatic erosion chemical feeder:

  • Refill the feeder on weekly basis! It does not sanitize the water when it’s empty.
  • Be sure to check the label on your feeder to ensure it is compatible with your sanitizer.

Salt Chlorine Generator

These have become increasingly popular during the last five years. It generates chlorine by breaking down salt molecules into its basic elements. With s salt chlorine generator, you no longer have to add chlorine to the pool on a weekly basis, and since the salt is recycled daily, you don’t even have to worry about replenishing the salt. This option will:

  • Save you money over time, as a salt chlorine generator is less expensive than a standard chlorine system.
  • Promote a healthier swimming environment. Saltwater pools have many health benefits compared to traditional pools.
  • Keep the nasty chemicals out of your house. Creating chlorine from a generator like this one is much safer than storing chlorine in your home.

Learn more about the benefits of saltwater pools here.

Other tools for lowering chlorine levels

Because of state requirements in Illinois, we cannot eliminate the use of chlorine in pools. However, we can lower the levels quite a bit with help from the following:


Ozone is a powerful disinfectant. Not only does it eliminate bacteria and algae, but it also eliminates chlorine. Ozone can be created by an ozanator, which can decrease your pool’s chlorine usage by up to 70 percent! An ultraviolet ozonator is great for residential pools and requires very little maintenance.

Mineral Purifiers

A mineral purifier uses natural minerals to eliminate bacteria and algae, and similar to an ozonator, can decrease your pool’s chorine usage. The minerals come in a cartridge and are placed in a vessel that is located near your pool’s pump filter. The cartridge usually needs to be replaced every six months to a year.