Swimming Pool Deck and Coping

Make an impression with our swimming pool deck and coping options

Is it time to update or renovate your aging pool deck?

The deck is the first thing people see when walking into the pool area. Its condition can really make a difference in how your pool is perceived. Unfortunately, at some point, the deck may begin to deteriorate from age or weather.

Deck Options

There are many ways to renovate a deck. Some options – such as adding a spray deck or even installing bluestone – can utilize the existing deck if it is in good condition. Many other options are available, as well, such as regular or stamped concrete, brick pavers, and natural stone.

Coping Options

Coping – the design that frames the outside edge of the pool – can also be changed during a deck renovation. The most popular coping options are Indiana Limestone, Valders, bluestone and brick.

At the time of the deck renovation the coping can be changed as well. The most popular being Indiana Limestone, Valders, Bluestone, and brick.