Pool Landscape Design Trends

Pool landscaping trends today focus on making your backyard water space both efficient and beautiful

This is the time to create the oasis you’ve always wanted — without feeling like you’ve gone back in time. Whatever your personal preferences are, see how you can make the space work for you with these pool landscaping ideas.

Water Conservation

Chicago may not experience the same droughts as the dessert states do, but environmentalism is definitely on the menu across the country. Plus, gardens made from plants that can withstand the heat are much easier and cheaper to maintain. While they may not look quite as traditional, there are countless options and style configurations to make them look just as beautiful as any lush or tropical setting. One extra benefit to this approach is that your pool will definitely look like an oasis.

It’s All Elemental

Incorporating fire or a waterfall or fountain can be the perfect focal piece to give you insight into further decorations. These stand-out installations may only need a few select shrubs to surround it.

Overcrowding the pool landscape is definitely not in fashion, so when in doubt, go for a less is more approach. You should also keep in mind what that silhouette will look like in the back yard. From the deck to the trees to the gently falling water, you want all of your shapes to be visually appealing.

Fragrance First

Speaking of sustainable landscapes, planting your garden to highlight your pool is not only good for your diet, it also perfumes the air with scents of fresh herbs and vegetables. You can’t go wrong with well-tended edibles as an alternative to grass. Gardens can lead right up to your designated cooling-off spot after the work is done.

Higher Quality Furniture

The big trend in landscaping is to invest money into quality items as opposed to spending more on spare chairs or showy plants. When you design your outdoor seating area around the pool, keep it tasteful and don’t worry about how you’ll coordinate seating for large parties (unless you throw them regularly.)

Color Blocking

Plants with color look beautiful both as a reflection and in reality. Use your garden space as a way to get interesting, matching colors in big, beautiful blocks. Even small bursts of bright color can really make for a visually interesting pool landscape.

Leave Room & Space

The name of the game here is space, so when you consider your pool landscape design, you’ll want enough room for people to comfortably move into and out of the house, but still have the ability to read a book, lounge in the shallow end or prop up an umbrella.

Sunset Pools & Spa works with pools and yards of all sizes, and can help you custom design your pool landscape to match your creative vision. We provide helpful advice and ideas for when you’re ready to give your pool a makeover.