Benefits of Saltwater Pools

What are the Benefits of Salt Water Pools?

The benefits of salt water may have not been so obvious back when the pools of Chicago were first being constructed, but they’re getting more and more attention as owners discover their many positive features. These pools have been proven to save people time and money on maintenance, and the water tends to be a lot kinder to those who are prone to itchy or irritated eyes.

The Miracles of Salt

Swimming in a salt water pool is not like going for a dip in the ocean, where an accidental swallow of the water can cause a stomachache or worse. The concentration of the salt is a lot less. Rather than keeping the water free of germs on its own, salt reacts with titanium plates to create the chlorine that keeps the contaminants out. By using this conversion process, you always have a consistent source of chlorine for the pool, without having to add on a regular basis.

Fewer Health Problems

While some people are more sensitive to chlorine that others, no one is immune from its effects. By lowering the amount of chlorine in the pool, the benefits of salt water pool ensure that there are less eye and lung irritation when swimming (even for long time periods.) Also, working with chlorine can be dangerous, as any accidental contact may cause harm to your skin or internal tissues. Since the generator does the work, you won’t have to worry about its hazards.

The Feel of the Pool

Water just feels better when you have a saltwater pool, meaning that it feels very soft and inviting. It’s more like rain water and less like the hard water in chlorinated pools. This can be especially appealing to those who don’t see their pool solely as a means of exercise. If you prefer the act of lounging around with a book and enjoying sensation of water flowing through your fingers, the this is just one of the many benefits of salt water pools.

Less Work

Having a generator that keeps your chlorine at the right levels immediately eliminates much of the work you’ll do. However, there are still some forms of maintenance, with each step working to keep your generator functioning at its highest productivity. The trick is to get into the habits of checking the chemistry, so you ensure continued safety. Over time, you’ll find that your involvement will be less than that of a regular pool.

Chicago Salt Water Pool Builders

Sunset Pools & Spas in Chicago can tell you more about how a saltwater pool can be a smart choice for you, as well as perform the proper maintenance on it to keep your energy bills down and your safety levels up. If you want to spend more time enjoying your pool and less time worrying about it, then perhaps it’s time to talk to someone who knows. Contact us today!