Chicago Concrete Pools

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The Lowdown on Your Concrete Pool

Concrete inground swimming pools are often referred to as Gunite or Shotcrete, and they are the best of the best! Even though strength and flexibility may not always go hand in hand they do when it comes to the strength of the pools structure and the flexibility of design it allows. Backyard pools made of concrete are very sturdy and because of their framework they hold their shape for a very long period of time.

The Design Options Are Endless

Inground concrete pools are truly custom-built and the design options are infinite. We build our Chicago concrete pools on site, and as a result, any shape you want you can have! Backyard pools made from concrete can be designed to fit into any odd shape and can be customized to match the style of your home and taste.

Customize Your Backyard Pool

Once you have designed the shape and style of your pool it is time to add the pizzazz. We can easily add a wide variety of special options to complement your new Chicago concrete pool including waterfalls, custom steps, and beach entries among other unique options! You also have the choice of plaster finishes, pebble applications, or decorative tiles to incorporate drama and detail. Whichever decision you make will only add to your pools desirability and attractiveness!

Increase Your Chicago Property Value

When walking into your backyard you want to be awed by the sight of your gorgeous inground pool, where the unsightly appearance of an above ground pool may not be what people want to see. An inground pool, especially with its longevity, can increase your homes value if you ever decide to part ways. It will also enhance your landscape by offering a water feature that creates a pleasant view from both outside and inside your home.