Tips for Building an Affordable Pool in Chicago

This summer what would your kids enjoy most – a simplistic backyard swimming pool or a fantastic, full-featured swimming pool that is your head?

Pools are unique among home improvement projects as it is easy to add things after your pool is built. Some of the following tips are about things to leave out when you first build a pool and can add any time later.

Here Are Some Tips…

  1. Size does matter. Buy just enough. Dads should not get hung up on a large pool size. Since the pool is usually for the children, do
    not hold out for a pool that is so large you cannot afford it. Your kids will enjoy the pool if it is 20 feet long and not 30 feet long.
  2. When building your pool, make sure to include the plumbing lines for things you want to add later such as slides, water features, and heaters. This makes adding them later simpler and less costly.
  3. Heaters lengthen the amount of usable season for your pool. But, do you really need one? Wait one or two seasons before investing in a heater that can cost up to $5,000. By waiting, you can gauge just how much, if at all, you need a heater.
  4. You can add more decking later, along with lights, barbecues, and seating for entertaining guests.
  5. Build in the offseason. When swimming pool season ends, so does pool construction and monthly maintenance. This is a time of less business for pool builders and they often discount in the off-season to keep crews busy. The climate where you live determines the best time in fall or winter to install a pool.
  6. Buy a pool kit. A pool kit has everything you need to install an in-ground pool except for ability. Most homeowners cannot install an in-the-ground pool, but, they can hire someone to do it for them. By doing things this way, you save significantly on purchase and installation expenses.
  7. Get a number of quotes from different pool contractors. Price should not be the only criteria for awarding a contract. Check references for reliability, finishing on time, clean up, etc. Also, the more contractors you talk with the more you learn about your swimming pool needs and how to fill them. It takes work, though, as no two pool contractors will have the exact same features. Sort through it to save some money.
  8. Wait until the pool season ends to install a winter security cover. Depending on where you live, this expense can be put off for 3 to 7 months. Typically, a professionally installed security pool cover can cost over $1,000.
  9. With proper planning, you can enjoy your starter pool now and add things you want later. Never settle for substandard material or a low-cost contractor who is known mostly for shoddy work. Use these tips to plan for today and the future of your pool project.

Chicago Pool Maintenance from Sunset Pools & Spas

Remember that all pools need maintenance done by you or a pool service for the entire pool season on a weekly basis. While building a pool is usually not a good idea, maintaining a pool often is, using a few chemicals and a way to measure the pH balance of your pool. If you need advice or assistance with maintaining your Chicago pool, call the experts at Sunset Pools & Spas today!