Pool Resurfacing & Pool Plaster Repair

We are your Chicago swimming pool resurfacing experts

Plaster is the most common type of finish on concrete pools. With that being said, it’s pretty common for pools to require a new plaster surface from time to time. At Sunset Pools & Spas, our construction team understands that resurfacing a pool must be properly done to ensure the new plaster will adhere to the existing pool. This is why we are very careful and upfront about our process.

Pool Resurfacing Process:

  1. We start by chipping away the old plaster from the inlets, lights, drains and tile. This will allow the new finish to go on evenly.
  2. It is imperative for any paint to be removed by sand or water blasting. This can take up to one or two days. If there is not paint on the surface, then we can move to the next step.
  3. After all paint is removed, the pool is chemically washed.
  4. A bond coat is applied to the pool to prep it for the new plaster.
  5. It’s time to plaster! Please note: The entire prep and plaster time can take three to four days.
  6. After the pool is plastered, it has to be filled with clean water that has a low metal and mineral content.
  7. To ensure the plaster cures properly, the plaster must be brushed and the water chemistry tested several times a week for 28 days. While this is a process a homeowner can handle, Sunset Pools & Spas can take care of it for you.

All of our plaster work is done by our in-house Chicago pool replastering and remodeling professionals, and we offer a five-year installation warranty in addition to a five-year material warranty.

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