Inground Swimming Pools

Let Your Creativity Rule When it Comes to an Inground Swimming Pool Design in Chicago

Most people, starting at a young age, fantasize about having a swimming pool all their own. Perhaps you are among those dreamy swimmers, having waited and saved money your entire adult life to afford and create a swimming pool design of your dreams in Chicago and the Chicagoland area.

Swimming Pool Ideas That Can Easily Turn into Achievable Swimming Pool Designs

Once you have decided the time is right to build an inground swimming pool for you and your family to enjoy together, you can start compiling all of your long-imagined swimming pool ideas for pool designs and contact an industry professional to help you understand all the variables that can help them bring your dream to splashing reality.

Whether you want to design a swimming pool primarily for lap swimming, lounging, or general fitness and play activities, your swimming pool consultants can help you pull it all together to render the desired result within your budget.

Considerations That You and Your Pool Design Team Will Need to Make Together

The primary concern that most homeowners have when building a new swimming pool is ensuring that it is structurally sound and built to last for years of enjoyment for you, your friends, and family. With a mindful team focused on pool design, you can work everything out by discussing the following crucial considerations for your pool ideas:

Pool Size

Several factors go into deciding your pool size, including your budget, your intended primary use, available yard space, and the pool shape, whether round or rectangular. If you have your heart set on a regulation size fitness swimming pool, you will need the space—25 meters—and budget to accommodate that. However, many ardent swimmers do fine with 14 feet, and even 10 feet, long, at varying widths. If your plans are far less training-based, leaning more toward play and summertime cool-off sessions, you have a great deal of freedom.

Yard Location

If you have small children, this consideration is particularly important. You can decide on the best location to see the swimming pool from inside the house at key locations, such as the kitchen and the living room. If you do not have children and plan to entertain, you probably want to make the pool easily accessible from the kitchen.

Type of Materials

The top materials used in modern pool construction include concrete, vinyl, or fiberglass.

Pool Extras and Accents

You might not have imagined your pool designs beyond the lovely body of water that is all yours, but there is more to design, such as the pool deck, water features such as small waterfalls, colored lighting, and safety features such as anti-entrapment drain covers, pool covers, and specially designed gates to prevent trespassing.

With all of these considerations in mind, along with a professional and respected pool construction team in Chicago, the swimming, floating, and general splashing will begin soon.