Chicago Pool Repair & Renovation

Swimming Pool Renovation Experts

So you have a pool that’s not exactly inviting. Maybe it’s out of date or out of order. Maybe it’s just plain boring. With some creativity and our help, you can remodel that eyesore and turn it into an oasis that everyone will enjoy.

Swimming Pool Interior Resurfacing

Swimming Pool Interior Resurfacing

Interior resurfacing can give an older concrete pool a fresh new look. With interior resurfacing, we can restore a pristine white surface to its original condition or change it up by adding some flair. Consider colored, stain-resistant plaster; durable pebble surfaces; custom tile for lining the top few inches of the pool; or a stunning inlaid mosaic.

Swimming Pool Interior Renovation

Swimming Pool Decking

A new deck surface can completely transform a pool area. With so many beautiful styles and materials available, your options for redesigning your pool deck are unlimited. Choose from a variety of materials – from stamped concrete or pavers to brick, slate or stone – to create the patio of your choice.

Pool Atmospheric Updates

Swimming Pool Atmospheric Updates

Atmospheric updates can create a whole new mood in your backyard. A fresh landscape design can create a natural, tranquil pool area that blends seamlessly into your yard, while new lighting can direct attention to focal areas, add a touch of color, and create an aura of mystery and romance. There are many options available to improve the atmosphere of your yard. We are ready to help you discover them.

Pool Water Features

Swimming Pool Water Features

Water features always make a big splash, and there are many options for all different types of poolscapes. Spas offer a relaxing, romantic atmosphere and give your pool a whole new level of enjoyment. Jets and bubblers add a touch of fun, while fountains and waterfalls add excitement and sophistication. Choose one, or mix and match them, to create your ultimate pool experience.

Pool Equipment Upgrades

Swimming Pool Equipment Upgrades

Equipment upgrades can change the way you feel about your pool. Today’s pool owners have a multitude of high-tech options available to them: automated controls, remote access, self-running cleaners and more. They’re all designed to take the hassle out of maintenance and make owning a pool less work and more enjoyable.