Swimming Pool Accessories

Accessories for Your In Ground Pool

Accessories are a great addition to any pool, especially for families or homeowners that want to entertain in their yard. Below are some examples of accessories that can add an element of fun to any pool.

Swimming Pool Basketball Hoop and Volleyball Net

Basketball Hoops and Volleyball Nets

Swimming pool basketball hoops and pool volleyball nets can invite friendly competition to any pool party. The hoop or net can be placed at any level above the pool to accommodate individual preference. These fun options are easy to set up or take down.

Swimming Pool Diving Boards

Diving Boards and Jumping Rocks

Whether you want to practice your fancy diving tricks or just your cannon balls, Sunset Pools & Spas can make sure you have a place for that. Standard swimming pool diving boards are always an option, but for something a bit more aesthetic, consider a pool jumping rock that blends into the outdoor environment.

Swimming Pool Slides


Having a slide in your pool will ensure that your backyard is the highlight of the neighborhood. This is a fun addition that not only children, but adults will love, too.