Custom Built Pergola Designers in Chicago

Find luxury in the shade with a custom built backyard pergola

Enjoy your backyard even during the hottest days

Pergolas are a great way to provide some coverage over a certain area. A lot of times these are built over seating areas and spas. They can be constructed out of natural products like wood and stone or even composite materials. Pergolas do much more than bringing all of your outdoor elements together, they bring families and friends together.

Protect yourself from sun exposure, while still spending time with friends and family outside

Sometimes it’s nice to sit outdoors without the worry of sun exposure. A pergola is a great place for this, as they offer a nice hideout from the sun’s rays while enhancing the overall backyard look. All of our pergola rooftops are built from wood, but it is still possible to implement some originality by changing the color of the pergola or installing decorative pillars. Regardless of the design, a pergola will add a shady place to gather for years to come.