Vanishing Edge & Infinity Pools

Infinity Pools & Infinity Pool Design

For many, infinity pools are the epitome of luxury. They’re often pictured on the property of homes that already live close to another, much larger source of water because it looks as though the pool extends straight out into the expanse. But don’t let that fool you into thinking that they’re only meant for those with ocean-front homes. Learn more below about how they’re used, and the settings in which they look best.

Disappearing Edges

There is no discernable edge on an infinity pool, making it look like a suspended body of water. They’re perfect if you have a view of Lake Michigan, but any property with a good deal of land will do. They are particularly recommended for those who have a good deal of surrounding land. This visual trick makes sunsets, shadows and the natural landscape look even more exotic and beautiful.

A Pool With a View

To design an infinity pool, every vantage point should be considered. The view from the house could be very different than the view from the patio. Infinity pools can be rectangles, three-sided or may have one part raised where water can flow from the top. They are not recommended to those who love their laps, but are perfect for those who love to lounge. The use of lighting in an infinity pool enhances the experience, as the lights in the water can mirror those of the natural colors of the sky between dawn and dusk.

Tailor-Made for You

There is no such thing as a standard infinity pool. Each one is custom built, and it takes a skilled eye and hand to make this structural feat come to life. Between safety regulations, the overflow of the water and the configuration of your grounds, this process is definitely not an easy undertaking. Infinity pools also can’t be covered simply due to their design, and so it will take more water and energy to properly work.

Worth the Expense

Yes, an infinity pool will cost you a little more than a normal pool, but the impressions you create from it will be worth the cost. An infinity pool makes a home stand out for both guests and future buyers, and it can also serve as the highlight of what you remember about a house. No matter what you own, repeated exposure to anything will cause a certain amount of desensitization, but an infinity pool is one feature that will remain breathtaking from year to year.


Sunset Pools and Spas serve the people in Chicago who know the value of a satisfying water experience. We’ve been adding value to property for years, and truly understand how to customize our approach for each one of our customers. If you’re thinking about having an infinity pool installed, let us help you design a pool that works well with your landscape and home.