Luxury Pools & Swimming Pool Design

Luxury Pools & Swimming Pool Design

When you think of luxury pools, you certainly don’t picture a standard concrete rectangle. It’s the subtle differences that separate the truly distinctive swimming pool designs, and we’ll tell you more about how you can have one on your own property. If you’re thinking of redesigning your current pool in Chicago or starting from scratch, you have a lot to think about from now until the time when you take your first dip.

What’s New and Now

To create a luxury pool, it takes careful planning. Your space will have to be considered in conjunction with any personal vision you may have. However, some of the more popular luxury designs may give you inspiration. Last year saw a rise in the use of infinity pools, glass tiles, waterfalls, and even more consideration given to total privacy. Lounging ledges give parents a chance to chill themselves without having to get entirely wet. Plus, young children can splash in relative safety due to the shallowness of the water. Geometric designs have seen a comeback as well, mostly due to the fact that they’ve been redesigned to be more aesthetically appealing and fancier.

Accents and More

Tile is common for pools, but as mentioned glass is seen more in luxury homes. Glass makes for a more interesting experience in the water. The natural motion of the sun and the liquid is highlighted and reflected in the glass, and creates a shimmering effect that can mesmerize and delight swimmers. You can choose to do a mosaic of your choice on the bottom to give more depth and personality to your pool, or incorporate fountains between iridescent glass tiles for more movement in the pool.

Drawing You In

As with anything on your property, the more attention to detail, the happier you’ll be with the final result. Keep your design simple for a lasting impression but choose focal point that will make a statement. For example, if you’ve decided you want a raised spa, you’ll also need to determine the tile that works best with the natural landscape and color scheme of the rest of the pool.

What to Expect

Sunset Pools & Spas designs and creates custom luxury pools that are sure to delight! We keep in mind the important details as well as designing the pools for safety and function so that you can trust that you’ll have a high quality and lovely pool to relax in once the project is complete. Contact us today to get your luxury pool design started.