Four Fun Pool Party Ideas for All Ages

August 15, 2017 Written by: Nick Luisi

With summer winding down, the opportunity to throw those last few pool parties of the year is waning, but you did not purchase a pool of your own just to let it sit dormant throughout the season’s final weeks. Here at Sunset Pools & Spas, we want to make sure you throw the best pool-centric gatherings possible while the heat still allows for them, so we have put together a few pool party ideas for what is left of summer:

Hawaiian Luau – While not everybody can pick up and go to Hawaii whenever they want to, anybody with a pool can throw a Hawaiian Luau party anytime! In terms of pool party food ideas, the luau provides perhaps the most options, with all sorts of tropical fruits and seafood ideas serving as appropriate options for guests of all ages. With leis and grass skirts, it also is easy (and affordable) to dress for this kind of party. Play a little Jack Johnson in the background, and you’ve got yourself a luau!

Retro Party – If you ever have seen a photo of an old party from the 1950s or 1960s you know how classy those gatherings can be. While this may be more of an adult-focused party theme, the idea of martinis, milkshakes, and fondue makes for a delicious soiree, and playing some Elvis beach music in the background really adds to the ambiance. In terms of pool party decoration ideas for this kind of gathering, focusing on balloons, tablecloths, and streamers in throwback color schemes like pink, turquoise, and black definitely is the way to go.

Movie Night – Swimmers of all ages can appreciate the novelty of a movie night in the pool. If you have a projector and an inflatable movie screen, you can watch just about anything from the comfort of your own pool. Fill the bottom with glow sticks to set the mood, and buy plenty of movie style candy and popcorn for those that want to enjoy a quick nibble between scenes.

I Love the ‘80s – Thanks to modern technology, it is incredibly easy to recreate an authentic 1980s vibe. Just put together an ‘80s playlist on Spotify and let it run throughout the party. The aesthetic from that era is pretty iconic, too, and ‘80s-themed decorations are available in droves at any party store. Recreating a rager from any ‘80s party flick is another option, so feel free to whip up some Jell-O shots and party punch for the adults. Between the music and the look of the party, your guests will be transported back to a really fun decade.

Any of these party ideas will keep your guests wildly entertained while enjoying the pool. If you need any help getting your pool area perfect for the event, give us a call here at Sunset Pools & Spas and we’ll be happy to ensure your party goes off without a hitch. There is no party quite like a pool party, so make sure yours is one to remember!