Swimming Pool Design Trends for 2018

June 30, 2018 Written by: Nick Luisi

As long as the water is cool in the summertime, most people would be perfectly content to swim in just about any type of basin, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some innovative things happening in the world of pool design in 2018. In fact, here at Sunset Pools & Spas, we have seen some updates to inground pools that both look great and add a lot in terms of convenience and functionality.

If it’s time to upgrade your existing pool, you might want to consider some of these swimming pool design trends:

Infinity Edges

Also known as “wet-edge pools,” this type of pool is great for people with scenic views they would like to enhance with a pool that seems to run on forever. Rather than a hard edge, these infinity edges make it appear as though the water at the end of your pool is falling off a ledge into the great beyond. It enhances vistas and creates a really neat effect, even in small pools.

Tanning Ledges

One of the nice things about owning a pool is being able to have somewhere to tan comfortably, and new tanning ledges build in an area to the side of the pool that allows pool users to sit on a flat surface in a couple inches of water. They can stay cool while getting all the sun they desire.

Fire Features

While fire pits are a fantastic standalone option in the context of backyard landscaping, adding some fire features along the edges of your pool can provide a stark contrast between two of these essential elements. Plus, those embedded fire pits can look really neat at night.

LED Lighting

Adding some LED lighting accents also look really cool at night, and they aren’t difficult to install, even on existing pools. They come in a number of colors and even can be set up in a way where those colors can change and fade into one another through smartphone control. It’s amazing what a few splashes of light can do for the aesthetics of a pool.

Smart Pools

New pools allow homeowners to do everything from their phones, and changing the colors of LED lights is only part of what smart pools can do. They also can control temperature, waterfalls, and music. Everything is controlled by smartphones these days; your pool may as well be, too.

If you would like any information on these exciting new pool trends, give us a call or stop by Sunset Pools & Spas any time and we can show you how to integrate these new features into existing pool settings or how we can build you the perfect pool from scratch. Not all pools are created equal, and adding some of these exciting features can help your pool stand out this summer!