Chicago In-Ground Hot Tubs and Spas Buying Guide

The choice to install an in-ground hot tub or spa can be a difficult but exciting one.

You fantasize about using your new hot tub or spa to relax and unwind in after a long day while adding major value to your home. It’s important to trust an experienced contractor to install your new hot tub or spa for you. Sunset Pools & Spas has over 10 years of experience serving customers to the highest standards and providing quality hot tub and spa installation.

Chicagoland Hot Tub & Spa Construction and Installation

When you call Sunset Pools & Spas to request a hot tub or spa installation in Chicagoland, we will schedule a visit for consultation to evaluate the type of fixture you want, the space you choose to install the unit and make recommendations about what we can do to help you achieve the overall effects that you want. We consider the distance your new hot tub or spa will be from any power lines, usually these fixtures have to be at least 10 feet away from any hanging power lines and at least 5 feet away from electrical devices that are specific to the hot tub or spa, like a spa panel that hooks up your hot tub or spa to your home’s electrical breaker and automatically disconnects the motor as a safety measure.

Building Considerations When Purchasing an In-Ground Hot Tub or Spa

Other considerations include leveling the land to ensure that the hot tub or spa has a solid foundation. There are various ways of preparing the ground for installation and different materials, like gravel, concrete, or crushed rock. A Sunset Pools & Spas contractor will explain your choices and discuss the pros and cons of each material. It is important to leave ample space around the perimeter to allow people to walk to and from the hot tub or spa as well as to avoid leaves or foliage from falling into or being dragged into it. Ample space needs to be left to allow future access to the motor for maintenance. These spaces must be left from the beginning of installation even if you choose to finish them later.

Powering Your New In-Ground Hot Tub or Spa

Deciding how much power is needed to run your new hot tub or spa, exactly how to connect that power and how many motors have to be installed is easily done by the Sunset Pools & Spas contractor to ensure your safety and the functionality. When you commission a professional contractor to install your new hot tub or spa you are ensuring that the warranty on your purchased unit is not compromised.

Your Chicagoland Pool Experts

A Sunset Pools & Spas professional is happy to help you and answer all of your questions about which type and size of in-ground hot tub or spa would be more practical for your home and enjoyable for you. Contact us today to begin the journey to your new in-ground hot tub or spa!