Creative Ways to Entertain by Your Pool

July 31, 2018 Written by: Nick Luisi


This deep into summer, everybody in America with a working pool is giving consideration to the next big pool party. Simply having a cool reservoir to serve as a respite from the summer heat is more than enough to get people into your pool, but there are so many great ways to throw pool parties that it would be a shame to simply go the basic route.

The following are a few innovative pool party ideas for summer entertaining, giving Sunset Pools & Spas customers plenty of great options for a new spin on pool parties:

Pick a Fun Theme

One of the easiest ways to make your pool party more creative is to choose a theme. Luau and beach themes are very common, but consider trying something different, like a pink flamingo theme or one that integrates a specific color scheme. Creating a visually stimulating backdrop with party decorations is a great way to initiate the fun.

Send Out Actual Invitations

One way to perpetuate that theme is to integrate it into paper invitations that you send out to your guests. Rather than just dropping a group text or sending a bunch of emails to friends, take the time and energy to make themed invitations and send them in the mail.

Get Creative with Food

There are so many fun ways to prepare food for a party. For starters, working the theme into your outdoor dining is a great start, but you also could put together an ice cream station, assemble a taco night spread, or allow guests to make DIY pizzas. Whatever the food, make sure it’s delicious and customizable for different types of taste buds.

Add a Floating Bar

If this is an adult party, look into purchasing a floating bar, which allows you to serve alcoholic drinks in a way that keeps people in the pool. You technically could do the same for kids, though there’s less chance that they’ll keep those drinks out of your pool water. Either way, serving beverages this way looks great and adds to the fun.

Bump Great Music

You don’t need a DJ to have great music at your party. Put together a themed playlist beforehand and maybe consider investing in some new outside speakers. Doing this will help set the mood for your party and eliminate the potential for a dull moment.

Play Fun Water Games

There are so many ways to spice up a pool party with fun water games, and we’re not just talking about Marco Polo. If your pool is big enough, big plastic hamster ball races are a riot, while a water piñata is fantastic entertainment for the kids. There can be a crazy jumping contest with assigned pudges, pool basketball, or even a water balloon fight. All of it adds fun to a gathering.

Simply by adding some of these things to your outdoor party planning, you will find that your own gathering will be much more entertaining for everybody. While there is nothing wrong with doing things the basic way, there’s also nothing wrong with getting a little creative this summer!