Holiday Pool Gifts to Surprise Your Family This Year

November 21, 2017 Written by: Nick Luisi

In National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, there is nothing that Clark Griswold wants more for his family than a brand new swimming pool, something he plans on purchasing with a big holiday bonus check that, in a comedic twist, never comes. While this classic holiday film proves that there is no family gift more exciting than a pool, those that already have the pool may want to add some of the accoutrements of a more lavish and relaxing swimming experience.

Five Holiday Gifts for the Swimming Pool

If you are looking for some slick ways to supplement your own pool situation this holiday season, consider some of the following gift ideas courtesy of Sunset Pools & Spas:

Flotation Devices

Chances are good you’ve got some floaty noodles available for your pool and perhaps an inflatable raft or two, but there are so many other fantastic options for flotation devices out there to improve the way you and your family bask in the sunlight. For example, there’s a four-seater floatation device with drink holders for a more social swim, or fabric-covered chairs, or even devices shaped like all kinds of animals and objects. It can add a lot of fun and relaxation to a pool just based on the types of flotation devices you keep.

Sea-Saw Rocker

Sometimes flotation devices move beyond relaxation and head into the realm of pure, unadulterated fun. The Sea-Saw Rocker allows two people (most likely kids) to literally see-saw in the water. It’s a reasonably affordable addition that helps your children have even more fun playing in the water.

Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Everybody knows that music enhances the outdoor pool experience, especially in the warmer months, so investing in some kind of speaker system for the pool area is an excellent idea for a holiday gift. In fact, there are plenty of moveable Bluetooth speakers that hook up easily to a smartphone to stream whatever tunes you may prefer. Make sure these speakers are waterproof, though. Anything else around the pool would be folly!

Underwater Light Show

There actually are a number of incredibly easy-to-install light shows available for pools these days, as well. They come in easy-to-install packages and really jazz up the evening aesthetic of a swimming pool. They either can create a static, ambient vibe, or something a lot more colorful and dynamic. Either way, these lights can completely transform the way a pool looks at night.

Towel Tree

One of the biggest inconveniences of summer is trying to find a place for all those wet towels. Adding a towel tree or two creates an easy solution to that problem, and since they are portable it’s easy to place the towel trees wherever it’s most convenient for those in need of a spot to lay a sopping towel.

There are so many ways to make the holiday season memorable with or without a Clark-Griswold-sized holiday bonus. Your family and your swimming pool deserve the best the holiday season can offer, and these suggestions for holiday gifts are a great place to start when considering what pool items to purchase this winter.