New Pool Games for Summer’s End

August 21, 2013 Written by: Nick Luisi

The kids are back to school, and fall grows closer and closer every day. Yet, there are still a few weeks of summer left, and hopefully, (fingers crossed) that means at least a few more weeks of warm weather and pool time.

Since the days of using your outdoor pool are numbered for the year, it’s probably a good idea to take advantage of the time you have left. And what better way to do that then with a few pool games?

We searched the blogosphere and looked to some other online resources to come up with a list of pool games that we hope are new to your repertoire. Check them out below.

Frozen T-Shirt Contest

You may want to reserve this game for a particularly hot day. The goal of this game – which we found on – is for one team to thaw out and put on a t-shirt that has been sitting in a freezer for a few days before the opposing team. The Frozen T-Shirt Contest is only one of several interesting contests that we found on this website. Some other examples that we came across include racing rubber duckies across the pool with your nose and relay racing with watermelons.

Piranha Ball

Just like in Dodgeball, if the ball touches you, you’re out. However, this game doesn’t require teams. In fact, you only need three players to start a game. Simply stand in the pool with the other players, and hold hands to create a circle. Place a ball – the piranha – in the middle of the circle. Any player who comes in contact with the ball is out. This game, in addition to explanations for 34 other pool games, can be found in a blog post called, “Beyond Marco Polo: 35 Fresh Swimming Pool Games for Summer.

Scavenger Hunts

Consider them for pool parties or for tricking the kids into claiming their toys from the bottom of the pool. If you’re looking to focus on the pool game aspect and want to incorporate teams, make sure there are two of each item.

Underwater Hockey

Imagine a game that combines hockey, snorkeling and swimming. We found this game on Kidzworld, a website dedicated to kids and teens. If you are looking to incorporate fitness or a more lengthy game into your pool time, this game may be the right choice.

Pool Games for Babies

While this doesn’t actually refer to one specific pool game, there are pool games out there that you can play with your infant. Kidspot Australia offers a list of pool games to try out with your young ones. Take a scroll through and see if one of them works for you.

All of the websites and resources mentioned above offer a variety of pool game ideas to try out before the weather gets cold. Get the family together and give them a whirl. It may be your last chance until next summer.