Outdoor Swimming Season is Upon Us

May 13, 2015 Written by: Nick Luisi

Although the weather has been unsteady this spring, the temperature is still ripe for opening your swimming pool and preparing for outdoor swimming season.

Typically, inground pool owners want to open their swimming pools when the temperature is around 65 degrees. This is a good temperature for restarting the equipment and avoiding the possibility of your pool turning green. While Chicago has recently seen both colder days and warmer days during the past several weeks, reopening your pool before it gets too warm outside is recommended, particularly because this region is prone to seeing drastic temperature jumps as the swimming season progresses.

For homeowners who may not have an outdoor pool to turn to this summer, but still want to go swimming, there are still many opportunities. Within the next few weeks, outdoor community swimming pools across the Chicagoland area will start to open for the summer. Below are just a few of the community swimming pools that you and your family can visit starting in May or June:

Deerfield Park District

Deerspring Pool
Opens Sunday, May 31

Mitchell Pool

Opens Saturday, June 7

Glen Ellyn Park District

Sunset Pool
Opens Saturday, May 23

Lake Bluff Park District

Blair Park Aquatic Facility
Opens Saturday, May 30

Northbrook Park District

Meadowhill Aquatic Center
Opens Saturday, June 6

Northbrook Sports Center

Preseason hours start Saturday, May 23; regular season begins Saturday, June 6

Wilmette Park District

Centennial Family Aquatic Center
Open on weekends as of Saturday, May 23; regular season begins Saturday, June 13