Essential Lifeguard Accessories For Summer

May 6, 2019 Written by: Nick Luisi

Lifeguards always need to be at the ready – especially when summer comes around. Not only do our pool side protectors need to be up to date on all of their training, they will also need the right poolside gear, accessories and equipment to make sure that everyone has the safest summer possible.

What type of poolside accessories should today’s lifeguards have at the ready before they take to the lifeguard stand? From life-saving equipment to accessories that simply make the responsibility and experience more enjoyable, here are a few essential lifeguard accessories that everyone should consider for their residential pool: 

1) Lifeguard Whistle: A lifeguard’s primary responsibility is to protect people visiting the pool. And in order to prevent accidents, lifeguards need a way to capture people’s attention. Since pools are often noisy places, using a whistle is often the best way to do that. What pool memories do you have that don’t include someone blowing a whistle? 

2) Polarized Sunglasses: What lifeguard look would be complete without a pair of sunglasses? Iconic in every way, most lifeguards choose polarized lenses in order to reduce the amount of glare from the pool on sunny days. Make sure to find a well-fitting pair of sunglasses and that includes a neck cord so you don’t lose them when called into emergency action.

3) Suntan Lotion: Lifeguards often need to be in the sun from pool open to pool close during the warmest and sunniest days of the year. Choosing the right sun tan lotion will reduce the risk of burning and keep you in a position to keep protecting pool visitors. Make sure to choose a sun tan lotion with an SPF of at least 30 to make sure you have protection from both UVA and UVB rays. Sun tan lotions for lifeguards should also be greaseless and water resistant. 

4) First-Aid Kit: Pools provide an incredible way to bring on the summer fun, but face it, accidents are going to happen. When they do, lifeguards need to be prepared and a first-aid kit with all the important accessories is critical. Choose a lifeguard first-aid kit that includes things like ice packs, CPR masks, bandages, and antiseptic wipes. 

5) Emergency Phone: Quick and easy access to a phone can save a life – and that’s the real job of a lifeguard. Make sure that pool side emergency phones are always charged and a backup battery is available to ensure that first responders can be reached in time of need. 

6) Club Chair: Lifeguard chairs, often called club chairs or lifeguard towers, are another iconic aspect of the pool experience. Club chairs provide lifeguards with greater visibility over their watery domain thanks to their elevated height. 

Lifeguards are an important part of the pool experience in summer; whether you are your pool’s designated lifeguard or someone just looking to maintain safety around your residential pool, start with these accessories and you’ll be in the right swim lane to enjoy pools all year round.