Finding Motivation in Friends

January 30, 2017 Written by: Nick Luisi

Some people swim for exercise, and others swim for fun, but it’s not often we have the opportunity to write about combining the two.

In many instances, swimming for exercise can be a solitary activity. For example, if you’re swimming laps in a pool lane, you aren’t likely to be talking to the person in the lane next to you between freestyle or backstrokes (or while you’re coming up for air from under water). However, a group of swimmers in London has found a way to bring a social aspect to swimming.

The Swim Dem Crew is a group of swimmers who meet every week for both training and socialization simultaneously. They are a good example of how swimming for exercise doesn’t have to be an activity that you tackle alone. Below are some tips for how you can make your regular swimming regimen a social activity, as well:

  • Join a swim club similar to Swim Dem Crew.
  • Take a group swimming lesson or water aerobics class at your local gym or community center.
  • Sign up for a team-based water sport, such as water polo or synchronized swimming.

While swimming laps may not seem like the most team-friendly sport, there are plenty of ways to socialize or find motivation from others at the pool—you just have to know where to look.