It’s The Most Wonderful Time of Year… For Winter Pool Covers

December 16, 2014 Written by: Nick Luisi

With winter quickly arriving, or is it already here? Either way extreme weather conditions will make maintaining and enjoying your pool very difficult. However, by purchasing a pool cover to place on your pool during the winter months, you cannot only preserve your pool’s pristine look, but you can also save money in the long run. Here are just a few of the many benefits that pool covers can provide this winter.

Retain Heat

For those who enjoy using their pool during the winter months; it can cost a great deal of money to keep the water heated. However, keeping your pool covered whenever you are not using it can keep your piggy bank full from the savings on your pool heating costs. This is due to the fact that a cover will help to keep the water from losing its heat as quickly (because as we know heat rises), and thusly, your pools heater will not have to run as frequently to maintain a stable water temperature for your cold night swims!

Reduce Maintenance

As the weather changes, the leaves have fallen and the wind started to blow. This means that various debris including leaves, twigs, branches, and flowers could end up in your pool. This can then require a great deal of tedious skimming and vacuuming to make your pool clean and debris free. A pool cover can catch all of this debris and keep them from entering your pool on a day-to-day basis.

Pool Safety

The area around your pool can be slippery and dangerous year round. However, rain, ice, and snow can make it even easier for children and pets to fall into your pool during the winter months. This can make your pool a danger zone to these individuals as they may hurt themselves or possibly even drown if they do not know how to swim. Furthermore, an unheated pool can be cold enough in the winter that someone who falls in who even knows how to swim may get hypothermia. A sturdy pool cover can help prevent these individuals from falling into your pool, which increases your pool’s safety. Basically in a nutshell, they can save lives!

Pool covers can be highly advantageous to homeowners year round; however, they can be particularly beneficial during the winter months. A pool cover can help keep your family safe, can reduce the maintenance required on your pool and they can even help to keep your heating costs down. Contact us to find out more about the benefits of having a pool cover installed on your inground pool.