Plan for a Pool in 2015

December 29, 2014 Written by: Nick Luisi

Did your Christmas presents not go over well this year? I understand the frustration. You spend weeks (or maybe only days or hours if you are a procrastinator) thinking about the perfect gifts to buy for your family, and upon delivery, the reaction is not at all what you expected.

We all know how it feels to bomb on a Christmas gift. It does not feel good. However, we have the perfect suggestion to help you make up for it in the coming year: Plan for a pool or a spa in 2015.

Of course, a pool or a spa seems like a pretty big gesture for a holiday gift; on the other hand, it’s a great way to complete all of next year’s holiday shopping in a single swoop. This would definitely eliminate the need to get individual gifts for each family member, and could maybe even serve as a combined holiday and birthday present.

For those of you who already have a pool or a spa, and messed up on this year’s gift giving, have no fear. Here are several other pool-related and backyard gift ideas for you to consider in 2015:

  1. Install a fire pit: These provide a great gathering spot for time with friends and family, and help to extend the Chicago outdoor season when it’s too cold to swim.
  2. Consider an outdoor kitchen: This is a great idea for family members who like to host parties and events.
  3. Bring on the games: Water volleyball nets or poolside basketball hoops are great gift ideas for kids and families.
  4. Poolside accessories: While these are typically easiest to install when the pool is first constructed, diving boards and water slides can provide an extra element of fun.

One last piece of advice: Many of these gift ideas take time to construct, so the earlier you start planning, the better. Best of luck to you in 2015!