Saltwater Pool Benefits

June 18, 2013 Written by: Nick Luisi

Salt water pools are rapidly becoming a popular alternative for pool owners who want to avoid the hassles, costs and heath issues associated with traditional chlorinated swimming pools. There are several reasons people are making the switch to salt water pools.

Saltwater is safer

Chlorine is a highly corrosive substance that can burn skin on contact in its concentrated form. Storing it is dangerous, especially if there are pets or young children around that might come into contact with it.

With stored salt, there is no danger of burn injuries because it is non-toxic and completely safe to handle.

Saltwater is less maintenance

To maintain a chlorinated pool, owners must regularly monitor the water quality. Depending on the size of the pool and the number people using it, the water chemistry must be checked once every several hours or days.

Chlorine pools have a tendency to fluctuate between having chlorine levels that are too high or too low. Owners must constantly add chlorine to make sure the level stays in an acceptable range. Stabilizers and binders must also be constantly added to keep the chlorine from breaking down. This is not only inconvenient, but chlorine and other pool chemicals can sometimes cost hundreds of dollars a year to buy.

Salt water pools are completely different. With a saltwater chlorine generator installed in the pool, the pool is filled with fresh water. A small amount of salt is added to the water at a ratio of one teaspoon to one gallon of water. The saltwater chlorine generator breaks down the salt into chlorine and a harmless compound of sodium using very low voltage electricity.

The sanitizing chlorine that is produced from this electrolytic process is kept at a constant level. This level is so low that most people find difficult to tell if chlorine is present at all.

The system is self-sustaining and generally needs no extra salt. A small amount of it may need to be added over time if water is lost through splashing.

Saltwater is Cleaner

The stabilizers that are added to chlorinated pools can produce an ironic side effect: Algae. High levels of stabilizer actually cause it to thrive and coat the sides of the pool.

Because salt water pools do not need stabilizers, they require much less cleaning and are much more resistant to algae.

Saltwater is healthier

Many people are sensitive to chlorinated water. It causes burning, itching, dry skin and irritated eyes. It can even damage and discolor color-treated hair.

Saltwater leaves a person’s skin feeling soothed and refreshed, and it actually acts as an exfoliant. It is also completely safe for hair that is dyed.