Save on Energy; Save on Money

April 19, 2013 Written by: Nick Luisi

Energy Tips for Pools

It’s no secret that maintaining a pool requires money and resources. However, there are ways to save on maintenance costs, specifically when it comes to your pool’s heating and lights. How? Try creating a more energy-efficient pool.

The United States Department of Energy recommends the following tips to help pool owners protect both the environment and their wallets simultaneously:

  • Use a pool cover (we suggest an automatic cover for ease and efficiency)
  • Manage your pool’s water temperature
  • Use a gas, heat pump or solar pool heater

The Department of Energy also recommends using a smaller, energy-efficient pump for your pool in combination with less frequent use. In fact, their website references a Florida study that showed significant cost and energy savings for pool owners who practiced these methods. Learn more about the results here.

At Sunset Pools & Spas, we also have our own methods to help you save on energy consumption, such as using a line of swimming pool pumps that are Energy Star certified. These pumps meet standards set by the Environmental Protection Agency, and come from Pentair, a company that manufactures and provides a variety of pool equipment.

To gauge an idea of exactly how much you can save with an energy-efficient pool, try out Pentair’s savings calculators for pump and lighting solutions. Do you like what you see?