Time to Fire Up the Grill

March 11, 2015 Written by: Nick Luisi

What do you get when you combine Daylight Savings Time with temperatures above 40 degrees in Chicago?

Grilling weather!

That’s right folks. Although it might not be the perfect weather for playing outdoors, we have definitely been given an invitation to start taking advantage of the longer days and above-freezing temps. As the snow continues to melt, there is no better way to get a head start on summer than sparking up the grill and spending a little bit of time cooking outside over an open flame.

Grilling is a popular pastime in Chicago, but it’s also a popular tradition all across the globe. Just look at this 2013 article from Bon Appétit. The article shows us that while grilling traditions vary from culture to culture, the grill still plays an important role in not only how we share food, but how we connect with one another. For example, in the Middle East and Central Asia, the word “mangal” is both the name of a grill and the name of the social gathering where the meat is cooked.

If you love grilling just as much as I do (and many Chicagoans, as well), you may want to feast your eyes on the image below. This picture provides a snapshot of the ultimate outdoor grilling setup, stocked with a full kitchen and stainless steel appliances.

This image is another great example of how grilling can bring people together. The long kitchen island connected to the cooking area is a great way to merge food with friendship. The outdoor kitchen becomes not only a place for cooking, but for socializing and bonding, as well.

Although outdoor swimming season has not yet arrived, I encourage you to take advantage of the slightly warmer days that are finally here. Grab some grub, some friends, some charcoal or gas, and fire up the grill!