Tone Your Muscles in the Water

June 4, 2014 Written by: Nick Luisi

When it comes to working out, everyone is different. Some folks dread the treadmill, while others may thoroughly enjoy a long brisk run. Others may prefer weightlifting, yoga or even a standard aerobics class.

For those who may be looking for an alternative method of exercise, consider getting your heart rate up and muscles toned in the pool. The water is a wonderful place to exercise, because the impact on muscles and joints is far less severe than say, a run or a jog.

If you aren’t an expert swimmer, but still want to exercise while you’re in the pool, there are still plenty of routines that can be incorporated into a low-impact workout. The below exercises and resources provide handfuls of options for toning up if synchronized swimming or freestyle laps aren’t your cup of tea.

  • Pull-ups/push-ups on the pool ledge: If you’ve never been able to do a standard pull-up or push-up, the water may help you to achieve this goal – or at least help to tone your upper arms. Real Simple has some techniques for doing push-ups in the pool in addition to several other water exercises that you may want to try.
  • Underwater sit-ups: Imagine how it would look to attempt a sit-up hanging upside down on the monkey bars. Now imagine this exercise underwater, only with your legs hanging over the ledge of the pool. If you don’t mind holding your breath, this exercise is an option for working your abs. Learn more about how to attempt this tummy toner exercise from Shape magazine’s website.
  • Squats: The dreaded tushy toners should be a bit easier in the water than on land. According to this article on Self magazine’s website, using a noodle can help to add resistance and an extra challenge to the exercise. Read the entire article to see how else you can incorporate a pool noodle into your workout.

Going forward, we plan to feature even more swimming tips and activities to help our clients and followers get the most out of their pool time. If you are interested in learning some basic swimming tips now, check out this blog post that covers form, breathing and floating techniques.