Another City, Another Sky Pool

April 30, 2017 Written by: Nick Luisi

Chicago’s Willis Tower’s Skydeck is infamous for the Ledge, a glass box that extends out about 4 feet from the building’s 103rd floor.

Visitors to the Ledge—or at least those who have the guts—have the opportunity to walk out onto it and hover more than 1,300 feet above ground with nothing but glass between their feet and the air.

Now imagine what it would be like to have a similar experience, only in a swimming pool.

Although not quite as high off the ground as Chicago’s Ledge, Houston’s sky pool in Market Square Tower is also giving visitors a thrill with it’s 42-story-high glass sky pool. Another small difference: The pool was built for residents, not for tourists. 

More about the Houston-based sky pool can be found here in an article from Time, but according to the report, the pool “has a glass platform that extends 10 feet out from the main pool enclosure, allowing it to look (and feel) like you’re literally walking on air above the street 500 feet below.”

This isn’t the first residential sky pool to draw media attention in recent years. London is also set to open a residential glass-bottom pool that will float between two buildings, in 2019.

Swimming pools like these continue to make headlines across the globe. I’ve said it once before, and I’ll say it again: These types of swimming pool designs truly demonstrate how the sky is literally the limit when dreaming up the ultimate poolscape.