Top Tips for End-of-Season Swimming Pool Maintenance

October 17, 2017 Written by: Nick Luisi

There never is any easy way to bid farewell to the warm months of summer, and closing up the pool for the season signifies that it’s time to start planning for the autumn and winter holidays. Prepping a pool for for the colder months is necessary by early autumn and thankfully it is not all that challenging to do. Doing it right, though, is essential to making sure the pool stays in great shape for next season.

Six Things To Do Before Closing Your Pool for the Season

Knowing all this, here are six pool maintenance items owners can do to ensure their pools get closed up correctly for the season:

Order Pool Closing Supplies

One of the most important aspects of swimming pool maintenance is making sure you have everything you need to close the pool. A week or two before closing, take stock of your pool parts and if anything is missing, make sure you visit us here at Sunset Pools & Spas to get a hold of replacement parts, including everything from brass anchors to water bags to winter pool plugs.

Balance the Water

In order to prepare the pool for closing, you’ll need to get the pH alkalinity and calcium hardness levels balanced and properly aligned. It’s no different from all the other chemical work you do all season, but you can’t close a pool that isn’t pH balanced.

Add Stain and Scale Prevention

After brushing the stains out of your pool in the days before closing, add stain prevention and scale prevention products to ensure that none of those trouble areas return. If stains sit all winter, they will be even harder to remove.

Use Chlorine Shock

One particularly useful thing to do before covering the pool is to add a chlorine shock to kill any bacteria or algae that may still be lurking in the water. It’s important to make sure the pool gets brushed and vacuumed thoroughly after applying this treatment.

Apply the Cover

Once all that’s done, you can go ahead and pull the cover over the water. Considering how heavy those covers can be, however, it might not be a bad idea to enlist some help so you aren’t left hauling that heavy tarp all by yourself.

Finish With Non-Chlorine Shock and Algaecide

On the day you are ready to finally close the pool and walk away from it for a few months, add a non-chlorine shock to oxidize the water one last time. Then, pour your algaecide into the pool last to keep the water from turning green over the winter. After that last crucial step, you will be all done for the season!
If you are able to take care of these six things, your pool will be safe through the winter and should cause very few, if any, headaches when the time comes to open the pool up again next summer. As always, if you need any help or supplies for this process, reach out to someone here at Sunset Pools & Spas and we will be happy to help you close up for the season. It is not hard work, just diligent work, but it can make all the difference in the world for the long-term health of your pool.